My Counseling Philosophy

I practice a collaborative approach to therapy where each client and I join together to form an interpersonal relationship based on respect and mutual understanding. Once established, this therapeutic relationship serves as the means for awareness, insight, and growth to occur in the client. Each client brings unique personal strengths and challenges to the therapeutic relationship, and we work together to agree upon and develop goals for therapy which fit the specific and diverse needs of each individual.  


My approach features genuineness, warmth, and a sense of humor which creates a trusting atmosphere for my clients. Within this authentic atmosphere, my clients have the freedom to express themselves openly and honestly while receiving the support necessary to meet their personal goals.

About Me

I am a private practice, licensed professional counselor who provides individual and group counseling, as well as, psychotherapy. I am passionate about helping people who are struggling through life changes and transitions. Together, clients and I look at the strengths they bring to their situations, characteristic ways of coping, and personal perspectives. We then collaborate to see how we can employ the client’s strengths in new ways and enhance coping. As a result, clients learn that they really can trust themselves which leads to greater self acceptance and the ability to "be" with whatever comes up in life. The goals of this collaborative effort are to help the client feel more in control of their lives, achieve a greater sense of life balance, and be more present with life at every moment.  


During my private practice career, I've also enjoyed being a Professor at Chestnut Hill College, DeSales Campus, in the School of Graduate Studies for Clinical & Counseling Psychology. I’ve also taught psychology at the undergraduate and high school levels. During my training, I held a practicum position as a counselor at the Lehigh University Psychological Services center and professionally served as a staff counselor at Lafayette College Counseling Center. 


I received my Bachelor of Arts in psychology degree from Cedar Crest College and my Master of Education degree, Counseling and Human Services, from Lehigh University. I am a member of several local and nationally recognized psychological associations including the American Counseling Association and The Focusing Institute. I am a native of the Lehigh Valley and continue to reside there with my husband and our two golden retrievers, River and Skye. 

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